How to Fix MacOS Big Sur / Apple Silicon SSH issue – client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

There appears to be an issue with connecting via SSH to remote clients on MacOS Big Sur running on Apple M1 (Apple Silicon) chips. This might also affect Catalina users (Intel x86 chips) as well.

The symptom is that when you attempt to open an SSH session to a remote host, the terminal window just hangs for a long time then finally spits out this:

client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

Luckily, the fix is simple. Add the -o flag with IPQoS=throughput set like so:

ssh -o IPQoS=throughput

Replace “username” and “” as appropriate, and that should do the trick!

You can also create a .ssh/config file or add to an existing if you have already have one, and put this in so that you can skip the -o flag option entirely:

Host *

How to Fix “There is no connected camera” Error on OSX Mac FaceTime or PhotoBooth

For the first time ever today after using various Macs for 10+years, I was suddenly met with this screen upon launching FaceTime:


How to fix this?

A restart (as with most things) sorted it out for a short while, but the issue returned again after the next time that the system re-awoke from sleep mode. A little Googling suggested running the following commands in turn from a Terminal window:

sudo killall VDCAssistant

and then after that, this:

sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

And that’s seems to do the trick!


Pro Tip for Mac OSX Finder – Open new Finder Window in Same Dir

A handy little pro tip for Mac OSX users – scenario: you have a Finder window open to a certain directory and you want to open another Finder window to the same directory, perhaps to put side by side with the current Finder window.

Just do this:

Press cmd + ctrl + o in Finder without any folders or files selected in that window.

Or if you do have a folder selected, cmd + ctrl + o will open a new Finder window into that selected folder.



Fixing Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac – AutoUpdate Cannot Connect to The Update Server

I recently did a clean install of my iMac to OS X Mojave, which required of course reinstalling all my apps, including Microsoft Office 2011. That’s the last version that I have purchased from Microsoft and although already 7 years old at current time of writing, it still works perfectly fine and I see no reason at all to upgrade to Office 365.

However, after reinstalling Office 2011 for Mac from a back-up dmg file, I was unable to use the built-in Office autoupdater to get any updates. Any attempts result in a pop up box saying rather cryptically “AutoUpdate Cannot Connect to The Update Server”. Well…

…turns out Microsoft has stopped supporting this product as of 2017.

And unfortunately, the stock Office 2011 (i.e. version 14.0.0) does not support Retina resolutions, so text looks pretty bad on retina capable screens, such as my late-2015 retina 5K iMac.

If you are facing the same problem as I was, fear not though, you can still download the updates directly from the Microsoft site if you know where to find the relevant download pages. So here you go…

First download and install Service Pack 1 (v14.1.0):

Then after that, download and install Service Pack 3 (v14.7.7):

That will bring your install up to the final version that Microsoft will ever provide for Office 2011  for Mac.

If this helps you, I’d strongly suggest saving copies of those 2 service pack installers in case you ever have to go through a reinstall again. Microsoft probably won’t leave those downloads up indefinitely so have your own backups just in case.


Fixing Mac OS X Bluetooth Disconnect Issues

I use a late-2015 iMac (currently) running OS X High Sierra as my main work machine. From day 1 till just a few days ago, bluetooth has worked flawlessly on this machine. The bluetooth Apple keyboard and TrackPad 2 that came with the iMac both paired seamlessly right out of the box, and I’ve never had a connection drop or any other issue, even after going through 2 rounds of major OS upgrades (first to Sierra, and now to High Sierra).

Then suddenly out of the blue a few days ago, the bluetooth connections to both the keyboard and trackpad would drop roughly 20-30 seconds after the machine wakes from sleep. Most times, they would not reconnect on their own, and sometimes, the bluetooth status of the machine would actually report bluetooth was OFF with no option to turn it back ON.

Simply removing the devices and re-connecting them would work to keep them connected only until such time that I sleep the machine and wake it up again. Whereupon the whole disconnect cycle would repeat.

Trashing the Bluetooth prefs file and resetting the machine SMC did not solve this problem. Finally what seems to have done the trick to fix it is Resetting the Bluetooth Module on the iMac via a little known special menu accessible via holding “Shift + Option” then clicking on the bluetooth icon in the top menu bar.

This brings up the among other things a “Debug” sub-menu with the option to “Reset the Bluetooth Module”. And easy as that, disconnect issues have now been resolved!